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        The summer months are the time of the year that your hair grows the fastest, it is also the time of year that your hair takes the most damage. If you spend very much time in the sun or in a pool, you probably already know this. The sun alone can lighten your natural pigment as well as hair that has been treated with color. When you combine the sun's rays with pool chemicals the two together can cause damage to your kapsalon utrecht hair. You should always take precautions when you're in the sun for very long, by wearing a hat or scarf. You can also purchase spray-in products that contain a sunscreen for your hair. There are several kinds on the market they are usually under the name "Color protectors" or "Color shields", and are similar to leave-in conditioners. Using one of these products is one of the best things you can do for your hair in the summer.

Keeping your hair trimmed regularly is important not only to keep its style, but to keep your ends from getting frayed. Not everyone's hair grows out evenly, some people will notice that one side is thicker than the other, this side usually grows faster too. In some people their hair grows noticeably faster on one side than the other, while others do not. It has been said that the side we sleep on affects this growth difference, but it is most likely hereditary. Not everyone needs to trim their hair every six weeks, some may not need trimming for two to four months. Everyone's pace of hair growth is different.